Monday, July 7, 2014

Album Review: X by Ed Sheerman

Hypocritically, I do not always enjoy ginger boys. I know, I know, shame and degradation be upon my redheaded self for uttering such words, but hear me out. Sometime ginger boys look and/or act creepy. It's just a fact. Examples: Carrot Top (terrifying creeper to the max, and in my humble opinion not one bit hilarious), Ronald McDonald (probably eats children, which has McDonald has neither denied nor confirmed), and Southpark's Cartman, whose original case of Gingervitus launched the belief that ginger kids have no souls and such other urban legends. If ever there were a ginger boy I adored, it would have to be Ed Sheeran. The only fault I have with him is that he's besties with Taylor Swift, but I won't fault him for his horrible taste in friends. Ed Sheeran is quite possibly one of the sweetest singers in the music industry, and his new album is fraught with emotion and a feisty flare that of course comes naturally to a ginger kid post-breakup. And this is definitely a post-breakup album. Sheeran himself admits the songs served as cathartic healing after his relationship with Ellie Goulding dissolved with rumors of her cheating circling around the two singers.

Tracks like "I See Fire" are simple and have a folk edge that makes it both haunting and heartbreaking at the same time. Other not to be missed tunes are the hits "Sing" and "I'm a Mess." And not to be missed: "Don't" which chronicles  the short-lived relationship with Ellie Goulding in the a bluesy, funky style that somehow musically jumps the shark and neither sounds mopey nor bitter. It's quite a fabulous little tune, truth be told. The other thing to love about Ed Sheeran in addition to his writing talent is his gorgeous voice. I could listen to it ALL DAY LONG. Talk about fabulous. If you haven't checked out his latest, you can listen here. And do yourself a favor, kiss a redhead. They're probably not Irish but will pretend to be if that's what it takes.