Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spotlight on: Daughter

Being a Libra means life is a little bit of a paradox. I can be both incredibly spontaneous or I'll deliberate a situation forever and ever amen. I can make snap decisions, like packing my bag and jumping on a plane at the drop of a hat and without regret I might add. I love anything that lends itself to making memories or having an adventure. On the other hand, I can mentally paralyze myself analyzing at every possible angle of a situation. I'm talking a full on mind paraplegic over basic choices like ice cream: I can't move I don't know which flavor to chooooooooooseeee, waaaaah! (This actually happened to me, this summer. It's harder to decide than you might think!).

 I carry my paradoxical tendencies over to the music scene. Most of the time, listening to music is a very organic process. I feel the song in my blood, the lyrics settle into my bones and I connect to the music in a very visceral and beautiful manner. There are other times when I have to think over a song, analyzing it and deliberating over it. When songs stand up to my scrutiny, I find they often become favorites. Simply put, I love anything that makes me laugh loud and long or leaves me deep in thought.

A musical group that I have a pure emotional, intellectual insta-love for is Daughter. Wistful, heartfelt, and somehow delicate and gut-wrenching, their songs have it all. Listening to Daughter's music is like reading through Pablo Neruda or Sylvia Plath (two favorite poets...don't get me started on poetry, I love it so!). The songs are written with a deep sense of pain and sorrow that is expressed in such a beautiful way that it's like musical poetry.  The best genre description is that they're moody folk-music with a electronic blend that is a perfect snow day mix. Their second EP was released by Mumford & Sons label. Songs like "Youth," "Landfill," and "Medicine," and "Smother" are not easily forgotten and reach listeners one a more complex level in a way only music can. For fellow sensitive souls, I have a feeling (pun intended haha, ok, enough, enough) you'll also love this music. Be sure to check out "Still" which is just lovely in the most chill, reflective way possible. Much love and happy Sunday Funday!