Friday, April 27, 2012

Noteworthy Artist: The Civil Wars

Ok, where has this band been, or where have I been that I only just found them? I'm having uncontrollable love for their music. The style and sound is phenomenal! Authentic American folk undertones entwine around gorgeous, heartfelt often heartbreaking melodies to create powerful songs. The minimalism of this band is deceptive, because each tune is layered with so much brilliant use of tone, phrasing, lyrics, and harmony that the effect is undeniably powerful. It's the kind of soothing music that makes you wish for a rainy day and a window to gaze out. It's not a band for hip-hop lovers or Top 20 billboard followers, but for those music lovers that embrace a little bit of "off the beaten path", free-flowing, indie style tunes, you too will probably adore the music of The Civil War.

The band consists of Joy Williams and Alabama born John Paul White. Williams is predominantly known for her extremely successful career in the Christian music circuit before joining up with White. No, they aren't a couple, but they sing like they are for sure. The charasmastic connection between this duo won them two Grammys this year for Best Folk Album and Best Country/Group Performance. Well deserved, I'd say! Despite winning these prestigious awards, the two keep it simple. They travel without a backup band and flesh out songs with bare minimum acoustics, and perhaps it's because of this that they produce music so powerful in it's simplicity. Their cover of "Want you Back" is nothing short of stunning. I also love their song "Safe & Sound" with Taylor Swift, which is on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games. I really care for Taylor Swift (despite her extreme talent, I'm over her sappy breakup/get together love songs), but I choose to deliberately ignore the fact that she's connected to the song. Moral of the story: I was completely won over. It's pure Americana, exquisiteness.

I've featured a handful of their songs on a previous blog post, but here are some additional music videos to check out:

"Safe & Sound" (featuring Taylor Swift)

The Girl With the Red Balloon (Live)


"Want You Back" (Live)

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