Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Noteworthy Artist: Lana Del Rey (Does Ultraviolence)

How can you not like Lana Del Rey? Listening to her music is like being transported to those dervish years of Studio 54, back when it was swanky, star studded and detrimentally sinful. I don't know how she gets such a legit late 60's sound and look without seeming like a poser, but she does it kids, she does it. She even has that lank, long hairdo and sad 60's bedroom eyes that can only be accomplished by layering on about 20 coats of mascara, partying all night, and going to bed without washing your face, then rising and repeating. Seriously, that's how you get that eye makeup look. I should do a youtube video on how to get the perfect smokey bedroom eye look, except I hate makeup and lack this basic life skill.

Lana Del Rey's music is soulful, sad, and sensual. It aches with the emptiness of a faux-glamorous lifestyle and unkept promises; she music is alive and haunting. It should be listened to in original vinyl format, because it's just such an experience. I feel like I need to be in a retro lounge and broken-hearted to fully grasp it's greatness, but even with my wildly-happy-super-in-love heart, I deeply appreciate the atmospheric, vintage style pop tracks that she produces.

It's no wonder her albums Born to Die and Ultraviolence have skyrocketed to success. Ultraviolence is definitely an even more mature and darker look at Lana's exquisite emotional tunes, and is quite lovely and depressing all at the same time. Lana is the queen of internal sadness and struggle, but her music makes it sound glam for sure. Some people really enjoy lovely and semi-depressing music, and if you're one of them, then this album has your name written ALL OVER IT. Or, actually a spin on the famous Isabelle Colling Dufresne's name, more widely known as Ultra Violet. She was a muse of the American Pop Art culture and one of Andy Warhol's superstars. She even worked closely with Dali. Now, there's a biography worthy reading at the beach! Forget those lame chick-lit books, I'm getting under an umbrella, avoiding the sun at all cost and diving deep with some Lana Del Rey tracks with a book about Ultra Violet. BAM! For those of you who long for the way back when days, here's some music to guide you!