Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spotlight on Album: Walk the Moon

Every once in a while, I stumble across an album or band that I fall a little bit in love with, and on a recent road trip adventure, I had such an experience. When you have a lot of hours to drive, it means you have a LOT of hours for someone to play DJ, and fortunately I had a good one. After recommending the band Walk the Moon, we listened through their eponymous album Walk the Moon from start to finish, with several repeated tracks. The result: love at first playback.

This fabulous Indie group released Walk the Moon very recently after their self-released album I Want! I Want! It's an album for those who still want to have adventures, fall in love, and be a little bit carefree. It's the kind of music that you'll find in the OC at beach parties, played by NYC hipsters in great dive spots, or during late night drives to no where in particular. The artsy, pop-rock sound is catchy and engaging, all at once. Not surprisingly, several singles have been featured on shows like Vampire Diaries and other similar teen/college dramas.

The song that won me over---madly--- is without a doubt "Anna Sun." It's all the things that sum up young love despite the odds or because of the odds and it's all a grand adventure. I also loved "Iscariot," "Tight Rope," "Fixin" and "Jenny." If you've never heard this band, give their album a listen to and discover their great tunes!


  1. Sweet post, thanks for introducing me to Walk the Moon!


  2. Love these guys! There are just a feel good band and the album is amazing! I was wondering whether you would be able to check out my music blog and give me some feedback as I am kind of new to the music blogging scene!http://jukeboxjumblemusic.blogspot.co.uk/
    Thank you! Great blog by the way!