Saturday, April 6, 2013

New ALbum Review: 20/20 Experience

First things first: I freaking love boy bands. I'm not ashamed to admit it, and neither should you closet fans out there! You know there are tracks of Backstreet Boys and NKOTB hidden away on your playlists...just admit it! Boy band music is somehow really lame and seriously addictive all at the same time. Sure, it's all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors designed to fool females everywhere into falling in love via sappy, cheesy lyrics and great hair products, but who am I to reject this PR propaganda? I am, after all  female, and I happen to have a penchant for both excellent hair and musical people. Therefore, I love boy bands, even if they're the equivalent of the wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain on stage and not so impressive in real life. Having said all that, I must add that Justin Timberlake is one band member who has managed to be successful on multi-circuits of the entertainment industry. The former NSYNC member has an incredibly success solo and movie career, as well as dabling in various other arenas. JT manages to keep up with the trends and stay true to himself at the same time.

Our boy band phenom took a musical haitis from '07 to '12 while he focused on a rather successful acting career, various philanthropic work, and other collaborative projects . His latest musical venture The 20/20 Experience ended his break as he began recording his two part album last year. The first part of the album was release just last month, while the second half is planned on being released in November. It's already a hit as it reaches top spots on many music charts and gets non-stop downloads from people like yours truly. The album is filled with a R&B/pop-esque sound that makes you forget he ever hip-hopped around during is boy band era. Smooth and a little jazzy, his tunes are easy listening done right. JT states that he wrote the music with no rules or end goal in mind, but songs like "Suite & Tie" and "Mirrors" are direct hits. Whether you're a loyal fan from back in the day or too young to remember the glory which was NSYNC (yes, I'm looking at you One Direction fans! Harry might, just might take you to prom now that he and Taylor Swift broke up. Keep those fingers crossed!) this is one album worth hearing!

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  1. Brought this album last week.
    Favourite - Mirrors. The lyrics are just too adorable. Nice post :)
    Vicki xx

  2. It really is a great album....With his album, it's always the same progression for me....I like the 1st single....But when I hear the 2nd single from the album...that's when know that I MUST own this album. In this case, it was "Pusher Love Girl." When he performed that on the Grammy's last year....I was done....I love his evolution....who would have thought that someone who gained popularity from a boy band, would blow up to become one of the few soul artists that exist in popular music