Monday, July 29, 2013

Concert Review: Twin Shadow

Listen here, kids: I heart the 80's and my love affair existed before you were even ALIVE. I mean, I was barely alive myself, but it doesn't matter. I have birth rights on that entire decade, and that means the big hair, the Cabbage Patch dolls (how semi-creepy and ugly are those things?!), and the ORIGINAL Transformers and GI Joe's. My lovely southern belle mother despaired that I could keep up with the boys so well, but I balanced it in in true Libra form by throwing a teaparty in the mix now and then. Since I love the 80's oh so much, I appreciate that alternative music is taking on a retro vibe and doing a throwback to some solid 80's sound---with a modern synth-pop twist of course. A band that is doing this in brilliant style is Twin Shadow. Recently, my man put together a surprise date and took me to the Grenada for a concert featuring Twin Shadow.

It was nothing short of a fabulous, entertaining night of great music. Twin Shadow has great energy and sounded even better live, which is always a nice surprise in today's overly processed tunes. Yes, they did retro with a flare, and they did it well. The Grenada is a great live venue, because what it lacks for in size, it makes up for in intimacy. It's easy to connect to the band on stage and really soak up the beats in full force. Lead singer George Lewis Junior connected effortlessly to the audience and filled the night with an excellent lineup of fabulous songs and amusing stories.

Twin Shadow pulled tunes from albums Forget (2010) and Confess (2012) and oscillated between high energy beats and sweet melancholy tunes with the greatest of ease. In short, it was a wonderful concert. If you're like me, and you're a music purist who loves the not-so-well-known band, check out Twin Shadow's music here. And don't forget to find us on bloglovin', facebook or instagram---because too much of a good thing can be fabulous.


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