Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Album Review: The Civil Wars

And they did it again! After releasing an amazing Americana album a couple years ago, The Civil Wars crafted yet another gorgeous set of beautiful tunes. This band is my not so guilty southern little secret and they need to be yours too! I'm on a mission...each one reach one! Chances are you've heard at least one of their songs. At the end of The Hunger Games ---a movie roughly everyone in the entire solar system has seen---the band pairs up with Taylor Swift to sing the end credit song "Safe & Sound." It is true I do not often enjoy Taylor Swift. I generally can't stand her, actually. I did like her song "We Are Never Getting Back Together" during the quick five-ish minutes my man and I broke up, but like my resolution to never again eat processed, chemically-ridden Craft Macaroni & "cheese" (which is irresistibly delicious and I will gladly fist fight someone over this truth), I simply was not able to be as resolute as Taylor Swift. So he and I got back together, thus ending my need for listening to her music. Fortunately, the song "Safe & Sound" lacks any of Swift's over the top cutesy, catchy nonsense that she often calls music and is a truly lovely song.

When the band was still relatively new on the scene, Noteworthy Music wrote a review about this indie-folk band, which you can read here. Truly, there are endless reasons to love The Civil Wars, and here are the top three in no particular order (which I am throwing together on the fly):

1. Their clever double entendre name. True, the band has a delicious, old Southern flare that hearkens back to a storybook time. I love our American era of fiddles and balls, of gowns and plantations, when the North fought against the South and both chivalry and corsets were in style. The band captures the feeling of these times with such authenticity, that I almost feel transported in time when I listen to their music. But even more than the band's tribute to our unique and fascinating American history, the songs are a rich tapestry of love stories, woven with lyrics so beautiful and sensitive that it's impossible to not relate to them. The true theme of The Civil Wars focuses on the interaction between lovers, and love isn't always civil. In the wise words of Pat Benetar, love is a battlefield and one that can leave us unrecognizable once the smoke clears.With great emotion and insight, The Civil Wars spin out one tale after the next about love lost, found, and redeemed. Nothing makes a little Libra happier than that!

2. The extraordinary vocal skills of singers Joy Williams and John Paul White. Oh.MY.WORD--->can these people sing or what?! Their vocals are simply stunning, and not in this over the top, all over the place kind of vocals like true music diva Maria Carey. The lack of audacious vocal craziness enhances the quality, tone, and message of the music. In addition to this, the harmony is pristine and near perfection. Seriously.

3. The unique sound of the album; it is SO not mainstream. Not even a little bit! Just when you feel like your ears are drowning in lame Miley Cyrus songs and the same top 10 overplayed hits of the summer, here comes a breath of fresh air! Do I love it or do I love it?! That should be an easy answer. I love it.

In their eponymous album The Civil Wars, the band continues their sumptuous blend of lyrics, melodies, and vocals. Listen to the entire album here. And don't forget to find us on facebook, instagram, or bloglovin. Now go do yourself a favor and walk away from the Bieber-fever tunes and indulge in some non-mainstream music. Your head and your heart will be so very glad you did.



  1. I am always on the hunt for new music, and having heard a little bit about The Civil Wars I wanted to learn more, and after reading this post I most certainly will check out their new album, cause I can never seem to get enough of new music.... H x


  2. Thanks, Hope! PS I really enjoyed your blog:) great posts, darling!

  3. I love the way you explain them, piece everything together for me. I m just exploring music now and I love The Civil Wars! Do u have other recommendations. If I like TCW, what other bands would u recc? =)

  4. What a unique and refreshing sound this group has. I personally find this band danger because it makes my wife continue to press me to start a band with her (see my band upstandingyouth.com) because these guys make it look so good! Love the dynamics and I've constantly heard this album playing in the background with my wife humming along in our home. Good review.