Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Noteworthy Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

They're a band with attitude to spare and songs that go the distance. Clever and well crafted tracks helped the Yeah Yeah Yeahs soar to success during the garage rock revival. The New York band carved a name for themselves as an art punk trio, and they know how to deliver. Each album is infused with a strong NYC vibe, and the eclectic sound is an urban triumph.

 If you haven't heard of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, listen to their albums here, and catch up on their latest and greatest album Mosquito,  which was released this year. Enjoy! 


  1. I love this band! They should get more noticed. I absolutely adore your blog, I'll definitely be reading more and I can't wait for your next post!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment and for reading my blog! I love a fellow music addict:) Music is that one thing no one can get enough of! I checked out your blog and thought it was fabulous! Great posts...keep them coming:)