Monday, December 23, 2013

Direct Hits: Collection of The Killers' Best

Um, what? Sign me up for this album ASAP. I've loved The Killers since the dawn of time. I was on the original unknown and super cheap ticketed bandwagon way back in the day. I've loved the evolution of this truly talented band, and yes, I can rock "When You Were Young" on Guitar Hero. I can even do the authentic guitar slam. It's so awesome and legit looking that I temporarily forget that I'm not really even able to play electric guitar. So what could be better than a collection of their biggest hits? Answer: nothing, unless I finally get that baby cheetah I've always wanted for Christmas.

There are the obvious hits to listen to like "Mr. Brighteyes," "Somebody Told Me," "Smile Like You Mean It," and "All These Things That I've Done" but there are other songs like "Shot in the Dark" which I LOVE SO MUCH! I jam-blasted this in the car and air-drummed/air-guitared-air danced/etc etc etc to this awesome hit. If for some reason you've never heard The Killers, I will (try to) not judge you. But you must remedy it immediately by listening to their hits! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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