Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grammys: Overrated But Delightful

Let's have a moment of honesty, shall we? I think the Grammys are a little to a lot overrated. It's kind of like someone put together the worlds most affluent, expensive playlist and we all are pretty sure who's going to win before it happens. Some of those songs happen to be soooo awesome, and some of them are shall I put this? Not. Not awesome at all. I don't even know how or why certain songs get nominated, let alone win. But nominated they are, and sometimes even WIN. What?! Ayn Rand would weep over this example of blind acceptance via Collectivism. For those of you who neither know of Ayn Rand or Collectivism, to the Google! Or better yet, to the book!

Some very popular bands that are particularly fabulous were overlooked, and this came as a surprise to everyone, including the bands themselves no doubt. Why, you might ask? I don't know. There is not a magic 8 ball in the world that can answer that perplexing question. But know who was nominated? The World's Most Unpleasant Rapper aka/i.e./e.g. hashtag Kanye West. Seriously. I'm totally over him and the whole Kardashian Klan. GO AWAY. First of all, his songs are racially offensive and ignorant. Reverse discrimination and promoting this concept of racism is stupid. Plus, his lyrics are out of control. "I keep it 300, like the Romans, 300 b****s, where are the Trojans?" The real question, where were you in a history class of any sort? OMG. I can hardly stand it. The Spartans weren't Romans. Um, hello? At very least, did he not ever watch the movie 300????! I know not everyone is a super nerd like me, but come on.

Some of my favorite songs:

1) Get Lucky by Daft Punk (oh Daft Punk, )
2) Around the Block by Pretty Lights, because it is sassy pants ON.
3) I also really like Jack White's "I'm Shakin'" because it's just the right amount of blues dancing up to punk rock. Although, can we talk about the pics he chose for his album? I'm all for the vampire look (what with being the exact same shade as one myself), but I think a dab of bronzer would have done wonders for his look (said the Libra, nevermore).
4) Stay: I'm not really a fan of Rihanna, but I love the song "Stay." Maybe it's because a love songs between my fiance and me, or maybe (probably really) it's because of the fab, simple piano arrangement that totally wins me over.
5) Young & Beautiful ,in which Lana Del Ray hauntingly asks whether or not love can last when youth and looks have faded. The answer, darlings, is if your heart remains youthful and lovely and you've done more to invest in the inward beauty than the outward, than yes...true love can go the distance. Think about it. Here's a gorgeous rendition:
6) Lego House by Ed Sheeran, which was the exact kind of breathy, guitar, mushy sentimentality that I was crazy about when Howie Day was Colliding into all of us.
7) ZEPPELIN> enough said

Want to hear the complete list of nominees and winners? Have it it! Some songs are definitely playlist keepers!



  1. I'm finding most award shows are going this way. There's the odd incredible (credible) performance but most people seem to be booked for sensationalist shows, to get the awards in media and talking about a lot on twitter. It would be nice if some had a bit of humility and just put on a worthwhile, enjoyable show made up of true talent.

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  2. i completely agree although it brings you a huge media background when you win a grammy. but ya think they should support alternative music bit more.

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