Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Is Ridiculously Awesome

If I were going to be BFF's with any Hollywood person, I would chose Jennifer Lawrence hands down every time. Not only is she refreshingly real, eats pizza and refuses to be a size zero, but she has an impressive array of skills: she can shoot a bow and arrow (true story, she trained with an Olympic gold medalist to learn how to have Katniss worthy moves), dance moderately well and prob better then me (Silver Linings Playbook anyone?) chop off her hair and still look awesome, AND she can sing. I will confess I was a total doubter when I heard she was featured on the Mockingjay soundtrack, but what do you know, that girl can do it all. I'm sending her a BFF locket in the mail's not creepy, she'll love it.

In addition to the song being a haunting American folk tune, the song "The Hanging Tree" is climbing charts both across the pond in the UK and here in the States. In Europe, it's currently sitting in the top 15, and here in America it's steadily climbing up the top 40 Billboard hits. I'm just thrilled to not be listening to Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift. It's like it's a brave new world out there! Jennifer Lawrence is quoted as saying she actually wasn't a fan of singing for the soundtrack, and she was actually terrified to do it. But, as they say, facing your fears can really pay off. The end product is a lovely song that perfectly fits the movie.

If you're a fan of the Hunger Games (meeeeee! I loved those books, even if they are like Lord of the Flies did a mashup with 1984...those are two of my favs anyway so who am I to complain?) and/or a JLaw devotee (I already claimed her as my BFF, find your own) you'll love this song. Check it out!


  1. I love Jennifer Lawrence so much too! Mockingjay was awesome :) shes such a good role model

  2. I totally agree, Celestine! And I love your review of the Mockinjay movie! Spot on, sister! :) Have a lovely day!

  3. She has such a great voice and I was impressed that she did it all herself :)