Sunday, January 4, 2015

Noteworthy Artist: Kina Grannis

I collect new music in the way some women collect shoes. I have specific categories, special artists, and beloved songs. While I remain OCD in my compulsion to remain hyper-organized and clutter free, I'm a bona fide hoarder when it comes to my songs and vinyl records. I frequently go on Spotify binges to discover new tracks to tuck away into my increasingly growing stash. Ask me if I feel like I have a problem. Go ahead...ask. I know I do.

I recently came across the lovely singer-song writer Kina Grannis, and I just loved her right away. She has this breathy style of music that isn't overladen with the electronic beats and synthesized sounds of today's ridiculously vapid pop music. Emotionally meaningful and easy to listen to, her vocals are reminiscent of Ingrid Michaelson (another favorite of mine). And if I've said it once, I'll say it again and again and again: singers who write their own music will always have a superior edge in my opinion. There is a great mental and emotional collaboration that occurs when they sing their own music, because they're basically singing out their own diary. In addition to the incredible vulnerability this lends a song, who can interpret a song better than the actual writer? Great examples of this are Sam Smith, Adele, The Beatles and so many others.

Some of my current favorite Kina songs are "The Fire," "Write It in the Sky," "Oh, Father," and her cover of "Chandelier." Never heard her music? Catch it here, and have an amazing Sunday!




  1. This is so crazy. I've been watching Kina on youtube for years now and here you are, reviewing her music!

  2. "I collect new music in the way some women collect shoes."
    Had to open this article, eheh, so true to me too!
    And here i am listening to this new artist, thanks! :)

  3. Kina Grannis is such an inspiration to me. Her voice is incredible, and she is ridiculously creative. Great post!