Thursday, February 5, 2015

Get Boho Fabulous with Zella Day

With a name like Zella Day, it should come as no surprise that she's one glorious little Boho chick. If I could pull off full fledged Bohemian, I would probably be decked out in non-stop hippie glory and mala beads every day. Alas, while my yoga loving, tree hugging heart would happily be swathed in tie dye, paisley, floral and drape-like wear, my body does not look particularly lovely in flowing, fringe covered garbs. And by not flattering, I mean I basically look like I rolled around in a linen tent and cinched it with a belt to give a go at fashion. First world problems all the way. Le sigh! Even so, my gypsy soul loves anything that's a tribute to being wild and free, so when I came across Zella Day, her music clicked with me.

A definite Boho-Chic gal, with a lush, modern style that's deeply seeped in Western Bohemian flair. It's fair to compare her to a less depressing version of Lana Del Rey, another singer I just heart all over the place. Their vocals and style have a similar sound, so if you like Lana Del Rey, you'll like Zella Day. Songs like "Compass," "Hypnotic," "Sweet Ophelia" and "East of Eden" are pure winners. I think "1965" might be my favorite of her songs. Hard to say. Totally a moody, fabulous tune though. I love moody. I just love it. I also adored her cover of White Strips "Sever Nation Army." I especially enjoy covers and remixes when they're done well, and she did it well. Some music purists find it annoying to have perfection messed with, but I think it shows the diversity of humanity and how we mentally and emotionally filter and interpret things differently. Mix it up, show me what you feel. That's how I like it. Have a lovely week, and may you listen to many, many new songs:)



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