Thursday, March 26, 2015

Christmas Came Early: Muse Is Dropping A New Album

How I love Muse. Let me count the ways. Great soul channeled tunes: check. Amazing lyrics: check. Rock ballads that blow me away: check. Instrumental virtuosity: double check (seriously, have you seen Matthew Bellamy bring down the house as he literally dominates the piano? It's pretty much like watching Lang Lang perform, but with like, about 1000x more bass. Example: "Butterflies & Hurricanes" which I'd will use as the title of my unwritten book about my dating life. Dramatic title aside, it's a non-stop masterful instrumental.You couldn't come up with a better concert formula in my book. Piano AND rock? #givemeallthetunes 

Bellamy is a phenomenally talented musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer. I actually borrowed that wordy sentence from Wikipedia without shame. Some of my favorite concerts I've ever been to are Muse performances, and the level of passion, skill, and showmanship is nothing short of amazing. I don't know about you people, but Muse has single-handedly handed me some of the best soundtracks for my life. Oh, I have wallowed on a sofa as I drank red wine and listened to "Undisclosed Desires." And yes, I did put "Super Massive Black Hole" on non-stop repeat when my now husband (and soul mate, you may throw up a little at that, sorry. I'm a Libra) and I broke up for a bit. And I definitely run faster whenever I listen to rock out songs like "Map of the Problimatique." It's so depressing but awesome and I burn so many calories. Thank you Muse. Lastly, you should probably know that I pride myself on my ability to play "Knights of Cydonia" on Guitar Hero like a rock star. I'm such a dork, it's kind of amazing I have so many non-dorkish friends. Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay. (But I'm really awesome at Guitar Hero.)

Muse is releasing Drones on June 8, and if it's anything like the single "Dead Inside," then I think we're all going love the whole album. "Dead Inside" is just the perfect mix of jamming guitars, depressing lyrics, crooning singing, and a little bit of a dark sound. BAM! You know I love that combo. I am happy. It's like Christmas came early. I still want more presents of course. Check out the single on Spotify here or watch the video below:


  1. I share your joy! Can't wait to hear more. *pumped*

  2. Nice Blog!! :D ceck it out mine!