Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Music Fix Monday: Tasty Sampler of Good Tunes

I'm probably a little obsessive compulsive. I like things ridiculously organized and uber tidy...I know, I know...very uncharacteristic of a musician.  So yes, I have OCD, which I have noooo intention of correcting, but instead will impose said disorder on everyone without shame ["Oh, would you like some germ-x? No? Just a nice side of e coli to go with that sandwich then? Sounds yummy!"]. Due to my clutter phobia [the scariest thing EVER is the show Hoarders, I kid you not], the only things I collect are books and music, and I gather those up, well, obsessively. Or compulsively, depending on the day.

I came across these songs through a couple of friends who do music right. Since they have great taste in music, I'm always pretty confident they won't let me down. True to form, I really enjoyed these songs and I'm adding them to my musical collection. See how you like them for yourself...you just might want to add them to your collection:) PS I'm absolutely in love with The Civil Wars. They're so heartfelt, intimate and beautiful, that I absolutely can't get enough of this great band!

Elisa "One Step Away"

Elisa "Love Is Requited"

The Civil Wars "Falling"

The Civil Wars "Poison & Wine"

The Jezabels "City Girl"

The Jezabels "Deep Wide Ocean"

Ambassadors "Unconsolable"

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