Friday, April 20, 2012

What's That Song???

I've had quite a few people ask me what the song is for the Internet Explorer commercial. They're loving the sound and have been trying to track down info about it.  While I am no Google search engine or music ID app, I do like vaguely staying in the know with new songs and artists, so I just happen to know the artist whose song is featured on the new commercial. Yes, I Googled it, I cannot tell a lie. But now I'm passing this info on to you!

So, in case you were in the dark, the song is called "Too Close" by Alex Clare. (I would probably like it even more if I weren't about 10,000 shades of happy and in love, but I'm still digging this tune! I'll save it for a day when my man and I get into a fight or something, ha!) Fun facts about Clare: he's a British ginger kid (I have some brands of SPF I should recommend to him) who grew up listening to his father's jazz band. He's been influenced by The Fugees, Stevie Wonder, and Donny Hathaway. 

The song "Too Close" has a great style with a powerful electronic mix that's definitely ear-catching, so check it out and see what you think! My conclusion: I like this ginger's music (and I'm thinking he's been in less than awesome relationships based on his music!) And, just because I like you, I threw in "Up All Night" for good measure. You're welcome. I understand, I'm a music junkie too.

"Too Close"

"Up All Night"