Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Album Review: Babel by Mumford & Sons

Let's just say time does indeed fly when you're having fun, and I've been having a non-stop parade of wonderful experiences that have kept me oh so happy, but far too busy to blog. Trips to Chicago, Austin and abroad have satisfied my wanderlust but made it difficult to fit in music reviews:) Plus, fall is always a busy time for DFW Music Studio as students get back into the swing of things. My man and I just got back from my birthday trip to Belize, Cozumel, and St. Lucia, and we threw in a road trip to New Orleans for good measure. I'm a road trip fanatic, and my DJ skills make up for my overwhelming lack of navigating skills. M&S new album came out just in time for my Libra birthday month, so I got to listen to the entire album (ummm, several times, much to my mister's chagrin) as we made our way to New Orleans. The verdict: absolutely BRILLIANT! M&S didn't disappoint at all!!! Hooray!

Keeping with the same glorious folk sound that brought English folk music to the spotlight in a big way, the music and lyrics are rich and meaningful. While the sound is distinctly true to M&S, each song is refreshingly unique and doesn't sound like a giant repeat of their first hit album. Whether or not you're a fan of the band, it's a pretty big accomplishment to reach an audience so wide that their music is even played on progressive rock stations that spin out tunes by 9 Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

The album contains a fabulous mix of fast tunes as well as heartfelt slower songs. I know there's a lot of action with mandolins and banjos, but those boys can rock my face off. The band has been on a relentless touring schedule, and the road has definitely influenced their sound. With an added edge of brightness and energy, many songs capture the energy and high that comes from touring the world. But there's also the sense of longing for stability and companionship that create heavier emotions in this album. Songs like "My Love Don't Fade" and "Ghosts We Knew" express the pain of going through difficult times and needing support. A true gem on the album is "Lover of the Light" which is played with such gusto and emotion that it's obvious the band threw all they had at the track. There wasn't a single song I didn't enjoy, so I have to say: bravo, Mumford & Sons! Listen to their album here:


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