Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Noteworthy Artist: Andrew Bird

What do you get when you mix a bit of pre-war jazz, a dash of gypsy folk-rock and a side of baroque pop? The whimsical sound of Andrew Bird. In a style that is pure pleasantries and the essence of simple joys, Bird creates music that is just, well, fun. I love the use of guitars and fiddles throughout each album. People say music takes you places, and I absolutely agree. Bird's music takes you to a place that conjures the same feelings are true-blue skies, open meadows, and that perfect day that knows how to hide away from the stress of everyday life.

As a child, Bird was heavily influenced by classical music, Irish tunes and bluegrass. The American singer-songwriter has a degree in violin performance, and his early self-released album Music of Hair showcased both his violin skills and his love for European folk traditions and music. He later join the band Bowl of Fire but left the group in 2003 to radically reinvent himself and his art. He's known for his free-flowing improvisation at concerts and his ability to play multiple instruments throughout shows. Bird's latest album Break It Yourself is a fine realization of his talent as both a musician, singer, and song-writer. Listen to his albums here:



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