Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Album Review: Overexposed by Maroon 5

It's been an album that the band has been working on for the past year, and Maroon 5 finally released their latest called "Overexposed."  According to the band, the album is "a chock-full collection of undeniable, anthemic melodies." Whatever that's supposed to mean, it's pretty obvious the band wanted to retain their new fan following, so most of the tracks follow the same dance-pop disco sounds of  "Moves Like Mick Jagger" single. Adam Levine achieved huge success with his "Moves Like Mick Jagger" single, which frankly, I like for the first one or two times I heard it. Now I absolutely despise the song and blame the radio for OD my auditory senses by playing it WAY TOO MUCH. I'm not even sure what kind of moves Mick Jagger has anyways, but I do know he can't get no satisfaction. 

I don't think the album is mind-blowing or contains genius material, but it's catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Will I probably forget about it by next summer? For sure. Does it make for some fun summer tracks now? Sure. Some of the better tracks are "Beautiful Goodbye" which has a bit of a reggae beat, . "Wipe Your Eyes" and "Payphone" are those classic Maroon 5 love-esque songs that they do well, while songs like "One More Night" branch out to a completely different sound. Want to judge for yourself? Check out Overexposed here:

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