Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Music Is Love: Dominican Republic trip & Wedding Music

As many of you know, we recently got back from the Dominican Republic and it was a-maaaaazing! It turned out to be the best trip I've ever had, and I'm no stranger to world-wide travels;)  I've always had mad wanderlust, and I usually take a trip once a month. It doesn't have to be a fancy-pants trip, and I can have as much fun roughing on a camping excursion as I can traipsing around Paris. It's not the event that counts, but making memories with the people you love that matters. I was surprised that I had many readers request pics of the trip, but I guess there are some fellow kindred spirits out there who love traveling too! So here's a quick synopsis of my vay-cay and some love songs for you to get sentimental over:)

Ahh! Paradise:)
Samuel dealing with an unofficial photoshoot
Basically like a monkey-child;)
This trip was extra special since one of my dear friends had a destination wedding in the oh so gorgeous Punta Cana. A big group of our friends went, so it was one giant celebration from start to finish! We stayed at a lovely all inclusive resort that spoiled me and makes me feel I should have constant maids and room service. Yes, I packed some hardcore sunscreen, which was instantly confiscated at the airport. I tried to argue that they would never take a diabetic's insulin or a cardiac patient's pacemaker, so they shouldn't take away my ability to survive in the tropical sun, but they didn't listen to me. Boo airport security!

With the groom.
One of the things I loved about the wedding was the music this wonderful couple selected. It wasn't your traditional classical mix or collection of swoon-worthy love songs, but instead included bands like 311 and Incubus. It perfectly symbolized THEM. It got me thinking about how powerful love songs are, and how we connect to them as individuals. Songs have the ability to express what we ourselves have trouble communicating sometimes, and they are the perfect way to say I love you.

Think back to some of the love songs you claimed and how much meaning they had or have. All you singer-songwriters, play on playahs play on. Your music has the ability to touch our hearts and teach us to say what we wish we knew how to put into words.

As for my trip, here's a little sample of pics and some love songs worth loving:)

Glorious day of playing on the beach:)


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