Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Singing In the Rain: Music Mix

After going out tonight to meet up with friends, Samuel and I got some coffee. We drove around Dallas listening to tunes and enjoying a rainy drive together as we sipped on our coffee. Rain + coffee + music=bliss! Driving around and listening to music is one of my simple pleasures that I can't get enough of. Since I excel at navigating (I'm basically like Goose from Top Gun...minus the ability to actually know where I'm going, so I'm actually pretty worthless at this task), I was an excellent co-pilot. Kidding. No one should ever take directions from me. But I am awesome at car karaoke/DJ action, so we had a fabulous time singing in the rain. Wiki-wiki-wah! That's how I do it!

We came across some perfect tunes for a rainy night! I hadn't heard them in ages and had practically forgotten about them, so it felt like finding twenty dollars in a pair of jeans. Just in case you need a little music mix for wonderful rainy night, you can share some songs from my playlist:)


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