Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spotlight on Concerts/New Albums: The Temper Trap

Now, here's one new wave music band who will get you hooked to their sound. First, The Temper Trap is from Australia which instantly make me love them by merit of accent alone. Second, they've got a unique style, great vocals and a stellar blend of musicianship in every track they produce. Their last album Conditions was their debut release in 2009, and they completely won me over with their single "Sweet Disposition." I was eager to hear more from them, and at last! At last! They finally produced and released their latest album The Temper Trap.

The verdict is in: I'm a fan! The band hasn't strayed from their original sound and keeps a great mix of both electronic and Indie-rock throughout the album. Unlike many electronic influenced bands who rely more on the power of the beat to produce impact than the quality of the song itself, The Temper Trap has a range of depth via lyrics and melody as well. There are some slower songs like "I'm Gonna Wait", "Rabbit Hole" and "Dreams" that are nothing short of beautiful.

If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, get excited because The Temper Trap is playing at our very own House of Blues. If you haven't purchased your ticket, go go go and get one! I'll see you there!


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