Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Music Fix: I'm a Slave for You

The music scene has been all abuzz about Britney signing on as a judge for the X Factor.  I could come up with a few ways to spend her sweet $16 million paycheck, but the real question is does Britney have what it takes to judge musical talent? I don't think Britney is the most talented singer, and she's no performer like Michael Jackson, but love her or hate her, she has serious staying star power. It's no easy feat to make it big in the music industry like she has, and it's even harder to stay big. Britney has been the reigning pop princess since the late 90's, which a truly impressive accomplishment. She definitely understands how the music industry works, what it will praise or tear down, and she knows what how to deliver top hits.

I personally enjoy that cray-cray, lip-syncing, python carrying diva. I'm all about Britney circa late 90's when she was dancing around in a little school girl uniform [my own never looked quite so hot, although my girlfriends and I tried to vamp it up like Brit in our private school skirts] and singing songs like "Baby One More Time" and "Oops...I Did It Again". Starbucks owes Britney big time for all the free advertising they got as she famously guzzled gallons of fraps for the world to see. And the shaved head, umbrella wielding, mental meltdown Britney was beyond entertaining. She was like a terrifying and awesome upgrade on The Penguin from the old Batman series! Still, I'm glad Britney has gotten it together and is producing great dance songs like "Till the World Ends."  So, for your music fix this Monday, here's a little Britney flashback to help you decide if she's going to be a good addition to the X Factor. 

Baby One More Time (1998)

Oops...I Did It Again (2000)

Slave for You (2001)

Toxic (2004)

Gimme More (2007)

Till the World Ends (2011)

Want more information about Britney signing on with the X Factor? Check out this article.

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