Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Album: Trespassing (You Just Might Want To)

Adam Lambert is nothing if not entertaining, but he also knows how to do music. Even though he's a product of the squeaky-clean, main stream show American Idol, he successfully broke the mold and did his own thing. Since his discovery on the show, his sound has developed something very closely akin to modern day Prince or Queen. I'm not saying he's on level with those greats---few are, let's be real---but he's holding his own for sure. In his new album Trespassing, his sound has a lot of club-esque, high energy, fist pumping tunes that make you wanna dance-dance-dance! There's more use of electronic undertones and sassy overtones than in his previous album, and it works. He successfully contrasts this NYC underground party with some very deep, emotional songs like Runnin', Chokehold, and Outlaws of Love.

Adam Lambert has proven he deserves his place in the music arena, and he's delivering tunes that make me want to keep listen. On the whole, I enjoyed the album. It's that summer album that I love, because it's perfect for cruising around with the windows down and jamming to a great driving beat, or for that boat party that needs some high intensity tunes. Songs I'm going for: Trespassing, Kickin' In, Runnin', Check out his album here:

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