Thursday, May 17, 2012

Noteworthy Artists Seryn: Indie-Folk Done Right

My boyfriend tells me I have a inner hippie that is barely hidden away, and he's probably right. I drive a hybrid, eat a completely organic, clean diet, and have a mad love affair with nature. I'm a complete dork, I absolutely know it, but I love keeping life simple and natural. As much as I love city life, there's a part of me that wants to roam about with no buildings in sight. I think people's personal tastes are mirrored in their music preferences, and so I doubt it's much of a shocker that I have a strong penchant for Indie-folk music.  Folk music has great origins. It was created by people who needed to tell stories to one another when no television sets existed; it carried heartbreak and high hopes for men and women who often didn't have the paper to write dear diary entries. There's something truly beautiful and a little haunting about today's folk music...when it's done right, that is. An Indie-folk song that doesn't stray too far from it's origins has the ability to evoke a strong emotional response in me.

Finding a great Indie-folk band can be difficult, but when I do, I'm hooked. Mumford & Sons rocked my soul and had a steady spot on my play list all last year.I've yet to find a band who captures the same wild, heartfelt, open air and endless hillsides feel of M&S...until I stumbled across the band Seryn. How can I put this...I have uncontrollable love for there music. It's achingly beautiful and simple, as folk music should be. The band released it's debut album in 2011 and was named a favorite at the SXSX that same year.

Happily, they'll be playing this Saturday at Live Oak Music Hall in Ft. Worth and also this Sunday at A Secret Living Room in Dallas. Because my man loves me, he's taking me to one of the shows. There is nothing hippie about him, so folk music is not his thing. He's gonna love the show (not)! But I will! I've included their entire album below for you to listen to. I recommend Track 1 So, Within, 5 Towering, Track 6 Our Love, Track 9 On My Knees.

Chelsea - violin, percussion, and bird chirps
Aaron - bass, trumpet, cello and bear roars
Nathan - guitar, guitar, geeeter, banjo, and guitar. And some mouth sounds.
Chris - drums, banjo, pump organ, guitar, accordion, bells, earthquake stomps
Trenton- ukulele, banjo, accordion, sings the sung songs

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