Friday, May 4, 2012

New Album: Little Broken Hearts

Maybe I have a bit of a maverick streak, but I really favor bands that are unknown and not on the top 20 Billboards. I consider Beiber Fever very closely akin to the Plague that wiped out most of Europe, and I'm still trying to figure out why Miley Cyrus is considered a singer. With that caveat, I'm going to throw at you super-star Norah Jones' new album "Little Broken Hearts". That's right, this is happening. Mainstream but fabulous! Let's get one thing straight, I loved Norah Jones before she was Norah Jones: sensation of the music world and winner of a giant heap of Grammys. Her songs have this quality of getting inside and rearranging my thoughts a bit so that life, love, and a rainy day make more sense. Her voice has that amazing vintage, soulful quality of Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald, while still being completely contemporary and achieving her own style and sound.

Jones' new album just got released, and I listened to it non-stop on it's release date. It.Is.Fabulous. People who love her past albums won't be disappointed; rather, they'll be moved by the added depth and character Norah Jones has infused into her songs. The music is decidedly dedicated to more heartache than her past albums, but sadness suites Jones' music well. It turns out, she can do melancholy with the same comfortable beauty that she does a love song. You can listen to the whole album for free here. In the meantime, catch some of her songs here.
"Travelin' On"

"Say Goodbye"

"Happy Pills"

"Out on the Road"

"After the Fall"

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