Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Music Fix Monday: Oh Indie I Love You So

Since I'm a terribly busy and somewhat important-ish person, I'm throwing this post together on a Tuesday due to my 3 day weekend that was jam-packed with fun. I love Indie-Alternative music. The more off the beaten path a tune is, the more I'll probably like it [hence my love for jazz. What melodies ramble along more than jazz only to resolve oh so perfectly???] So for your listening fix today, I put together some great Indie bands. Featured artists:

Arcade Fire: I loved them before they won their Grammy, went big and got became suddenly famous. There's so much to love about this band from Quebec, proving good things come from Canada. They have a fresh, unique sound all their own. Love it? Of course we do.

Metric: unintentionally keeping with my Canadian Indie rock bands, Metric is a group of musicians from Toronto. They have a great sound that I can easily get into.

Damien Rice: One of my all time favs for his gorgeous melodies and equally lovely lyrics. This Irish singer is just good at spinning out tunes. He's also a bit of a philanthropists, and his personal activities include musical contributions to charitable projects like Songs for Tibet, Freedom Campaign, and Enough Project. 

Back to the music! Here are some great chill Indie tunes to get you going as you recover from your Memorial Day of fun:


  1. awesome post! love all three artists!

    i recently started a music/film blog, would love it if you could check it out and give some feedback to us newbies :)


    ps following you on bloglovin

  2. Great blog Louisa! I'll be tuning in to your posts:) Thanks for checking out Noteworthy Music! Are you on Twitter?